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Taiwan Yunlin District Court


The main business


The main business of Juvenile Court and Family Event court

◎ Juvenile Events

  1. Juvenile Protection Events:
    The detection、trial and execution before the official trial for the protection events of the juvenile and children。
  2. Juvenile Criminal Cases:
    The enacted criminal cases of rule 27 of the Juvenile Events Processing Law and the trial of criminal cases enacted on rule 68 of the same Law。

◎ Family Events

  1. Person-related matters litigation events:
    Marriage、Parent-children Relationship、Prohibition of Property Management、and Death Announcement。
  2. Non-litigation Events:
    The events of Inheritance、Adoption、Guardianship、and property administration that are regulated at section 2、5、and 6 of Chapter two in the Non-litigation Events Law。
  3. Other civil events caused by Marriage、Relative Relationship、Inheritance or Will。
  4. In chapters Two、Four、and Five of Family Violence Prevention and Treatment Law that enacted the civil protection order、the accommodation procedure between parents and children、and the events of family violence prevention and treatment。
  • Release Date:2021-05-16
  • Update:2021-05-16