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Taiwan Yunlin District Court




Warm Family and Cheerful Youth

The Yunlin District Court of Taiwan 《Court of Juvenile and Family event》


In order to protect the youth and carry out the protection of the rights of women and youngsters, this court based upon the objective of the judiciary is for the public has constantly made efforts in recent years and aggressively explores the juvenile delinquency problems and also the disputes among women and youngsters, employing various totally new performances to cope with the speedy transition of our social environment and the endless juvenile problems and family disputes with the expectation that the youth would grow healthy by themselves and the warm and cheerful family relationship is constructed and the aforesaid are the target of this court。Based upon these with the ideas that those youngsters’ delinquent behaviors are mostly resulted from unsound families、school mates、or personal deviated behavior, and furthermore the youngsters are moldable, if their deviated behaviors could be corrected in time, they will resume the normal society and be capable men/women。

Therefore, following the spirit of 「Cultivation to replace punishment, protection to replace disciplines 」in the Juvenile Event Processing Law, on Nov. 1, 2002 this court designated judges who possess professional enthusiasm to deal with juvenile events, enabling the judges to stay on their professional positions, setting up the professional fields distribution system to avoid frequent reallocation which will affect the processing of juvenile events。Moreover, the technology progresses every day and the delinquent behaviors or the distributes among women and their youngsters occur on and on, to meet the business demands this court also aggressively selected related personnel to take part in the professional seminars on the subjects of juvenile and family event, to escalate their professional accomplishments and abilities to deal with their workload。

Besides, the juvenile problems have intimate relationship with the family environment during the days of their growth, and whether the family is harmonious, or the marriage of their parents is satisfactory or not, all these will influence the characters of the youngsters。Therefore, the divorce events are not only the problem of Mother and Father, because after the divorce children’s inner feeling of frightening、loss、loneliness、anger、or the problem of cultivation and etc. are not at the time of divorce Mother or Father could think of。

If problems could be thought of and resolved at the time of divorce, the impact produced should be brought down or lessened, therefore, this court on Aug. 19, 2003 combined both the juvenile court and the family event court together, expecting the judge to comply with the demands of our society in dealing with cases of juvenile or family event, and everybody hand in hand walks forward making tomorrow more beautiful。

The juvenile and family event court presents itself in front of the folks of Yunlin county with totally new appearance, wishing to have service as the guidance, working together with other social resources, providing with integrated problem resolution mechanism, and moving by the procedure of trials and the probation business to create the peaceful society of「Warm Family and Cheerful Youth」。

  • Release Date:2021-05-16
  • Update:2021-05-16