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Taiwan Yunlin District Court


Money changes

  • Money changes (coins)
  • Collect written complaints at noon time and holidays
  • Borrow/return of law books
  • Litigation guidance and assistance of the procedures
  • Bidding of house auction、delivery and counseling
  • Newspapers of the day、resting Sofa for the public
  • Introduction of attorney association, free of legal counseling
  • Presbyopia glasses、mgnifying glass、wheels for disabled
  • Various pre-litigation to know information、various legal propaganda
  • Query for legal explanation、cases、and data of judgments
  • Public writing tables、examples of various forms、draft examples
  • Bidding forms、sales forms/papers、sales of stamps
  • Touch style computer query (Information for legal auction、main contents、court calendar)
  • Artificial Intelligence computer query (case number、ku category、case progressing)
  • Copy machine、drinking machine、fax machine(receive/transfer the emergent documents)
  • The arrangements、guidance and explanation of the Organization、schools、groups
  • The judicial volunteers lead civilians to the court、sign in office、other offices
  • The judicial volunteers lead civilians to read auction broadcast、to seize written records
  • The judicial volunteers assist the senior、the weak、the disabled、and the toddlers
  • Release Date:2021-05-16
  • Update:2021-05-16