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Taiwan Yunlin District Court


The business hours for the Notary Public Service


The business hours for the Notary Public Service of this Court
※ The marriage held by notary public is processed all in the notary public office of this court

Where Time Address Telephone Number
Notary Public Office of this main Court All day Monday、Wednesday、Thursday and Tuesday Afternoon No. 38, Ming Cheng Rd., Huwei Town, Yunlin County (at the side of Huwei Elementary School) 05-6336511 Ext. 237、238
Pei Kang Division Tuesday Morning No. 471, Wen Jen Rd., Pei Kang Town, Yunlin County (at the back of Tsung Sheng Junior School) 05-7831546 Ext. 210、211
Touliu Division Friday all day No. 41, Kung Ming Rd., Touliu City (at the back of Tax Levy building of Yunlin County) 05-5342433 Ext. 210、211
  • Release Date:2021-05-16
  • Update:2021-08-25