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Taiwan Yunlin District Court




The Yunlin District Court of Taiwan

Address:No. 38, Ming Cheng Rd., Huwei Town, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Representative Number: 05-6336511

Zip Code: 63244


  • In year 1945, Taiwan resumed the regime from Japan, and the counties of Chiayi and Yunlin are under the jurisdiction of 「Tai Nan District Court of Taiwan」。
  • In year 1947, the Chiayi District Court was established, and the jurisdiction includes both the Chiayi County and the Yunlin County。
  • On April 15, 1956,「The Yunlin Division of Chiayi District Court」was established, and it only took civil cases beyond areas of Pei Kang、Ssu Hu、and Shui Lin。
  • On July 1, 1964, 「The Yunlin District Court of Taiwan」was officially established, and the location was set at Hu Wei。 The construction fund was NT$6,600,000.00 and paid by the government, and was undertaken by the labor team of Taichung Jail。The construction commenced on May 12, 1965 and was completed on December 22, 1965, and there are one three-story administration building measured 30,240 square feet、yards、announcement pavilion、and service pavilion。
  • On July 1, 1991, there were three Small Claims courts established in Touliu、Hu Wei,and Pei Kang respectively。The newly built buildings and dormitories of each Small Claims Court were constructed consecutively end of the year 1995。
  • The business allocation areas are as followings:
    • The Small Claims Court of Hu Wei:
      Address:No. 5, Lane 40, Ming Cheng Rd., Huwei Town, Yunlin County
      Representative Number: 05-6336511 Ext. 548
      Zip Code: 63244
      Jurisdiction includes:Hu Wei Town、Tu Ku Town、Pao Chung Hsiang、Yuan Chang Hsiang、Hsi Lo Town、Ar Lun Hsiang、Lun Pei Hsiang。
    • The Small Claims Court of Pei Kang:
      Address:No. 471, Wen Jen Rd., Pei Kang Town, Yunlin County
      Representative Number: 05-7831546 Ext. 205
      Zip Code: 65147
      Jurisdiction includes:Tai Hsi Hsiang、Tung Shih Hsiang、Mai Liao Hsiang、Ssu Hu Hsiang、Pei Kang Hsiang、Shui Lin Hsiang、Kou Hu Hsiang。
    • The Small Claims Court of Touliu:
      Address:No. 41, Kung Ming Rd., Touliu City, Yunlin County
      Representative Number: 05-5342433 Ext. 216、217
      Zip Code: 64054
      Jurisdiction includes:Touliu City、Lin Nei Hsiang、Tzu Tung Hsiang、Tou Nan Town、Ta Pi Hsiang、Ku Keng Hsiang。
  • On October 24, 2003, in order to accommodate to the business demands, the court of juvenile and family events was relocated to the Touliu Small Claims Court to provide professional services。
  • The first Chief Justice of this court was Mr. Chian Hung Chu (July 1964 ~ Oct. 1968), and the following Chief Justices were Mr. Jui Lin Wang (Oct. 1968 ~ March 1971) 、 Mr. Chih Wu (March 1971 ~ Oct. 1976)、Chu Lung Lai (Oct. 1966 ~ March 1981)、Chia Lu Sun (March 1981 ~ Dec. 1982)、Tao Sheng Ting (Dec. 1982 ~ July 1984)、Tien Hui Wu (July 1984 ~ Dec. 1986)、Yu Cheng Wang (Dec. 1986 ~ Jan. 1989)、Tsai Chuan Hsieh (Jan. 1989 ~ Dec. 1991)、Ting Kun Chen (Dec. 1991 ~ Oct. 1993)、Shou Ching Shen (Oct. 1993 ~ May 1995)、Pai Hsiu Yeh (May 1995 ~ Dec. 1997)、Ta Yang Lin (Dec. 1997 ~ Nov. 1999)、Kai Jen Lin (Nov. 1999 ~ May 2001)、Ling Chi Liu (May 2001 ~ Aug. 2002)、Ching Chen Weng (Aug. 2002 ~ Dec. 2003)、Tseng Yu Wang(Jan. 2004 ~ Oct. 2005),Zhaolong Hong(Oct. 2005~Aug.2008)、Congming Wang(Aug.2008~Oct.2009)、Qinggong Su(Oct.2009~March.2012)、Zhitong He(March.2012~June.2016)Kuo Chung Chang(June.2016~Oct.2019) and the current Chief Justice is Shuhui Li 。
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